Operations and Maintenance (O & M)


Operations and Maintenance (O & M)

RK Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.is capable of managing a project through financing, engineering, procurement, construction and Expert service technicians ensure quick support on site and ensure, through regular inspection and qualified data analysis for best efficiency for each solar system. We strive to transform the energy scenario and pledge long-term reliability by accelerating adoption of best practices to operate and maintain solar PV plants. We aspire to maximize solar PV system performance, ensure grid safety, and provide viable solutions to achieve the expected economic return of solar energy generation through technical audits as per the IEC 62446-1:2016 (PV systems-Requirement for testing, documentation and Maintenance-part 1: Grid-connected systems, Documentation, commissioning tests and Inspection)

Operations and Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is one of the most critical factors that drive a power plant to realize projected revenues. Our goal is to optimize our customers’ power plants to produce the maximum amount of energy, and therefore revenue under their power purchase agreement, throughout its operational life. We have made significant investments in O&M technologies in order to develop and create a scalable and sustainable O&M platform.

The importance of O&M is often overlooked by many developers. Considering the fact that the plant has to generate returns over a period of 25 years, a good O&M contractor, a good monitoring system and above all, a very good O&M process is very critical for the success of the plant.

Scope of Work at RK Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.

The Service offered by RK Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. (www.solarrk.com) covers operations and maintenance of the entire solar PV power plant – starting with the PV modules up to the grid interconnection point.

Preventive Maintenance (Activities Sheet Attached)

  • Preventive inspection and maintenance of system components as per the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Visual inspection of all components


  • Module cleaning (wet cleaning) and Dry cleaning (if required)
  • Provide real time stamped pics of cleaning work
  • Submission of Report (Format Attached)

Corrective Maintenance

  • On site monitoring
  • Analysis of interruptions and incidents
  • Repair and replacement of spare parts/components