Engineering Procurement Service

EPC or Engineering, Procurement and Construction is a form of contracting arrangement where the contractor is responsible for all tasks from design to procurement of equipment, construction, commissioning of the systems, and handover of the project to the owner or managing party.


This service package is designed for those who are interested in investing in photovoltaic projects, executed by RK Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. 100%, from engineering and building to operation and maintenance.

Planning And Execution

RK Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. has the capacity and the appropriate resources to plan, engineer and build turn-key solar projects. Our engineers and specialized personnel know how to get the best out of a given surface, from the first evaluation to the installation of the panels and the construction of the whole solar power plant.

Installation & Commissioning

For most customers, residential or commercial, the roof is the best location for solar panel installation. It usually already has the structural specifications that the solar panels require. All that is needed is mounting hardware and appropriate flashings.
If the roof is not applicable or desired, various other mounting options are available, including shade awnings or ground-mount options.

Operational & Maintenance

Solar panels generally require very little Maintenance since there are no moving parts. A few times a year, the panels should be inspected for any dirt or debris that may collect on them. Always make sure you are safety conscious when inspecting panels and don’t take any needless risks! If your panels are too high up on the roof to see very well from the ground, use caution with ladders. Standard solar panel maintenance is the best way to make sure they are always producing efficiently.

Consultancy Services

The consultancy services offered by RK Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. include: assistance with local authorities, permits and licenses, technical support and specialized expertise.


The development phase of a project is a critical one; that is why a highly qualified team will make sure that each step is well executed and in due time. A solar project well-done ultimately means a project that produces clean energy and delivers revenues as expected.

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